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Personalised stories and poetry:  $25

I will write a poem or story based on any information you wish to share with me.  It may be about an event like someone's birthday, or something that happened on holiday.  It may be about a person, whether a loved one or a friend, or just someone you would like to make a connection with using a unique approach.  Once I have written this poem or story for you, to your satisfaction, it becomes your property to do with as you wish.  My personal or company name will be nowhere near it.  You can tell the receiver that it is from you.


I can also:    

* Write your ideas into a workable story line and film script for film production.

* Write down those short stories you make up for your kids, so they can be  shared with further generations, and not lost. 

* Help you with your creative writing, whether it  be to proofread your work, or to brainstorm ideas for plots and characters with you. 

* Write personalised adult fiction either based on the ideas you give me, or I can write one just for you, that nobody else will see.  This also becomes your property once I have released it to you.  I will not publish it anywhere else, nor will I send a copy of it to anyone else.


For these services, the price will be negotiated on a case by case basis, as every project is different.


Natasha's History


I was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I went to a number of schools, and completed my education to the end of Form 7, when I was 18 years old. 

I have written many poems for friends, mostly stirring ones.  When they do something silly, which they would probably rather forget, I write a humorous poem, and remind them all over again.  So far this hasn't lead to any loss of friends, so I can only assume they see the funny side of the situation as well. 

Most recently, I have undertaken a project of a much more serious nature.  A friend of mine from back home in New Zealand, contacted me with an opportunity I just couldn't turn down (and yes he has been the subject of my poetry in the past).  He and his business partner  had a comprehensive storyline written out, and were looking for someone to turn it into a viable film script for them.   I absolutely loved the experience gained from the project, and after they have finished making that film, they have ideas for a secondary project.


Keep an eye on YouTube for Stoic Films, and their trailer for "Seismic Activity". 


While I  am here, I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to David and Ryan for giving me the opportunity to assist them with their work, and I am really excited about the second project and all the challenges that will be associated with it.

I am not restricted to writing poems, I am more than happy to accept any challenge that comes my way.

When you join my site, I will contact you to discuss your requirements, or feel free to contact me on the email or phone number below.



[email protected]


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